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Arachnids attack

Winn slept in when his Mama came to work this morning, and his Daddy just brought him by for a brief visit in the office.  When this happens, I fire up the vacuum cleaner, or otherwise clean up something that isn't fit for his help, while he's hanging with his father for a while.  Today, I grabbed the smallest shopvac, and went after cobwebs. 


As the kids saySmiley SurprisedMG!!!!  It is a wonder that one of US isn't stuck in the stuff, being slowly digested by some eight-legged crunchy thing.  They really concentrated anywhere there is a steady airflow, like by ceiling HVAC vents.  If a spider's web is good for stopping a blood loss, which I read in some natural healing book once, we could stock a decent ER out of the vac's bag. 


I see people online complaining about ladybug invasions.  I would trade them I think. 


I still have one sassy mouse taunting me, by avoiding the bait stations.  I know, I know...he's the one we see, and there are fifty more hanging aroudn, laughing their scrawny little tails off at us.  \


Isn't country life grand? What vermin are bugging you right now? 



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