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Are you independent?

Turkey's post below, about having her husband driving her a lot, due to injuries, bad weather, and being down a vehicle, really made me think. For most of my life, I have moved around like a lone wolf, running errands, grabbing groceries, serving as the kids' taxi. I started running roads long before college, and haven't stopped since.

Just in the last couple of years, Mike has hauled me more than in the previous four decades combined. Most of that has been in the firm of us coming to Jenna's together, hitting errands on the way or the way back to Carolina. I am still not truly comfortable with my new role as passenger, but I try to bury my head in iPad, and not see all the brake lights ahead.

Hadn't even thought about this major change, until I read that post. Makes me think about all the other ways I depend upon Mike to keep it all together. ThoughtI was pretty independent, but perhaps not.

I know many of us are dealing with different challenges these days. I just realized .i am not nearly as independent as I had thought.

How about you?

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