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Oh, Cheryl....

...gave the mini spade a second workout planting bedding plants, flower and vegetable both, tiday. It gets better and easier to work with, the more I use it.

Since the antique rose beds are new, and I didn't really turn the soil over before we built them, they are getting some weed breakthrough in the mulch around the plantings. Right now, that is mostly buttercups, which are very hard to pull up.

I pulled out that Radius hand weeder, which has a wicked, long, serated blade, and a double-pointed tip. It looks like a modified Japanese gardening knife. I found it to be a very effective way of taking out a stubborn weed woth a shove, then sawing motion. Very easy to do with the ergonomic handle.

I could see where this tool might be useful dividing clumps of petennials, too. Much more useful than my typical old-tomey hand weeder. I've ordered a second one for my Carolina yard. Highly recommended!
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Re: Oh, Cheryl....

Thanks for the update, Kay. I'm sorry to hear about the PED outbreak.


I hope working in your yard and garden will be even more therapeutic this spring.

I don't know about others on this site, but I always gain more than physical exercise from

working in the yard and with my flowers!


--Cheryl Tevis, SF

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