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Re: At What Age?

Well, I'm only 24... so I haven't gotten there yet!  But I can tell I'm not 18 anymore.  Both my husband and I have admitted that it's really not that fun to go out and party all night and drink all night!


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Re: At What Age?

I had generally accepted that 51 was the end of the line for a lot of my family.  Several had dropped suddenly dead by then, and I was looking like a good candidate to follow suit. 


Two months before I turned 52, I decided that maybe - just maybe - I'd make it a bit longer than that.  That was when I took up Taekwondo, and things started looking up.

My knees were pretty shot by then - catching in softball, point guard in basketball, loading pigs all my life, and other insults.  I had to admit that it was not going to be easy; but, whatever it was going to be was better than just sitting and waiting around to die.  On any given day, we kid each other around here about what went first. 

I joke about being the oldest in the TKD school, the oldest in my nursing school class, and Mike reminds me that I am older than he is (by three months and four days.)  If I compared the things I cannot do that the younger ones can, I'd give up and give in...but, there are a lot of things I can do that they cannot even dream of yet.  Mostly has to do with being less afraid of making a fool of myself...have done that a lot and lived through it. 

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Re: At What Age?

My Mom is 80 and has had a serious heart problem recently.  So, she was feeling like time was short. She got out all of their funeral arrangement paperwork and started talking gloom and doom, end of the line type of talks.  My Dad asked her  "well, do you have time to make a batch of potato salad before you go?


She's feeling better now, but I think my Dad may be closer to death than he realizes..............   Smiley Happy 


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