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Attn: IL posters-gov. cuts

I don't know if there are any other IL posters other than Mike & Suey or if this is a problem in any other states.  But our Gov. is proposing cutting the Circuit Breaker program & IL RX which provides gov. funding for IL Srs.  These programs reimburse eligible persons for some of the money they pay for property taxes, rent &/or nursing home charges, pharmaceutical assistance, discounts on license plate renewal fees, etc.  Total household income for 1 is less than $27,610 & 2/$36,635.  I know many older folks in our community that are on it.  Their name brand prescriptions with the program are $6.30 and without it their meds could be up to $145 or more per script.  I know we need to make budget cuts but these folks have worked all their lives paying their share of taxes.  It would be devastating for them to lose this program.

The number to call to protest is 1-800-664-9903.  It will ask your zip code & then direct your call to your state representative.  Please pass the word-thanks.

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mike se il

Re: Attn: IL posters-gov. cuts

I am afraid the solution to Illinois's budget problems is going to be very uncomfortable.  Basic economics tells us that.  Throw in Illinois/Cook and Sangamon County politics (that is Chicago and Springfield for those out of state) and it gets downright ugly and stupid. One action that has been suggested is raising state income taxes.  I predicted that a long time ago.  It's too easy a solution for a politician to avoid.  Another is the effort to make farm purchases subject to sales tax.  Net effect would be a 7.25% increase in things like feed, fuel, fertilizer, herbicides, and equipment. That's where the ugly comes in to play.

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