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Accepted Solution


From mid-eighties last weekend to low forties and ready to rain today.  Will get frost for the next few nights, if it's not steady raining or overcast. 

All those folks rushing to plant gardens and flowers that I saw in Lowe's garden center last week will get to do it all over again.  It was hard to resist, but I am glad all I bought was a replacement for my missing leaf rake. 

BTW, as soon as I did that, both Mike and I found the missing one, within five minutes of each other.  Reason I couldn't find it?  I had actually put it away where it belongs!

Folding the sliding tines and hanging it on the peg rack by the kennel, with the other garden tools, was a great hiding place.  I know I had been past it a hundred times in the past two weeks.  Had been within two feet of it in the kennel fence the day about a one-track mind. 

Woke up Thursday morning and thought "haven't looked on the pegger yet."  Found it there right after lunch, and then Mike pointed it out to me when we were working on my wagon wheels.  We laughed, since we'd both been looking around all the nooks and crannies where we thought it had last been used. 

Brand new one in car trunk....  I could return it, but then, I'd need to find the receipt.   

Do you ever hide something from yourself?  When you find it, is it where it was supposed to be, or did you leave it leaning up against the back wall of a building months before?