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Bad Attitude About Gifts

Two of our local TV stations have aired stories about different ways to "get what you want" if you didn't like what you got for Christmas.  They gave tips for exchanging for cash, re-gifting, exchanging, and a website called FreeCycling, a site that you can register what you don't like and put out a request for something you would rather have.


I am of two minds here....on the one hand I would not want a gift I have given to be trashed or stored away unused if someone absolutely hated it.....that would be a waste of resources.


But on the other hand, I get a bit offended at the idea that people are so spoiled that they cannot just graciously say thank you and wear or display the gift for one or two times as a way of showing appreciation to the giver.  I don't know about you all but that is the way I was brought up.  Even if you didn't like the gift, you should use it or wear it at least once to show appreication. 


I was brought up that a gift was an expression of affection, not an object that MUST meet the recipient's wants or desires.  Although one would hope that both ends could be achieved if the giver knows the recipient fairly well and the budget allows. 


I guess this is one of those things that I find distasteful that whole websites and such are out to satisfy the WANTS of a spoiled bunch of people.  I find this a direct affont to the who spirit of Chrismas.  I guess that is why gift cards have become so popular.  Sadly, many of those gift cards never get used and the retailer makes the money on them.


Am I just overly sensistive or does anyone else find advertising these tactics tacky at best and disturbing at worst?