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Honored Advisor


Road day yesterday, brief stop at Jenna's, to pay helper and get him moving on the next chore. He has cleaned out about half of one outbuilding, most of the other one. Needs to haul to the dump soon! Son was there, cutting the lawns, so at least I git to see him for a few minutes. Storm pressing made our visit short.

Wound up the day with my trainer, doing what he calls a " Filthy Fifty". Pick five exercises with weights, and throw in squats for good measure as one of them, and do fifty, then forty, on down to ten of them in rotation. Then on to the ab machine doing the same I can do 150 crunches, batched this way, now!

Stomachache all through the night. Second time Mike's burritos have done this lately.. Not very well rested, for a little boy to be coming over in a few. Mike just went out to check his cows...told him to keep check on me this morning, too!

For you folks with cows...have you ever had one that hid her baby so well, it scared you?
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