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Big cleanup day planning

This is one I have been waiting for all winter. Mike and our helper and a few hours of cleanup time. Never get a full day in Va, but a whole workday of this stuff is probably too much for mere mortals.

Pickup truck bed is full of the paint cans, tools, and detritus of finishing up the last rental house and yard last weekend. Got to clean that out for starters. Move junk furniture and trash out of my storage building here, then shift in some storage bins of repair items for these houses.

If time permits, clean out the garage at Jenna's, and get tools out of the basement and onto the shelves in there. We need to move up at least the bedroom AC soon, too. Mike's beer stash on the enclosed back porch needs to go into the basement for the summer...too hot out there.

To be honest, I will be tickled if we get as far as clearing space in the storage building. Once the guys get certain things out of my way, they can move on to fixing shed roofs, plumbing and wiring, and leave me to organizing things. There is just too much in my way that takes multiple manpower to move first.

Had my power smoothie and a boost of caffeine. Getting my head together, making a sequential list, to avoid so much backtracking...wish I had known I was getting help a couple of days ago, so I could have planned better. Oh, well, it will have to be the best I can do on such short notice....

Mike has set off to retrieve the truck from the shop down the lane, and has his first couple of moves in his head. Helper will arrive in about an hour. My adrenaline is starting to flow now...let's DO this!!!!!

Where would you start, if you had two guys, four hours, and a mountain of crap to move?

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Of all days... get struck with Norovirus, Part 2. We got the garage pretty much emptied out the truck sorted through. its contents were directed to the right place, either washhouse or shop. super for a couple of hours' work.

Wewere about halfway through emptying and sorting through the junk the ladt tenant left behind in my washhouse/storage building, when I started with the charming symptoms I learned to note in nursing school as "N&V". In retrospect, I had felt really crummy yesterday afternoon, so Mike had run out to try the local Chinese restaurant's takeout.

I ordered a meal I haven't eaten in years, fir some odd reason, and picked at parts of it. Had a restless night, and didn't want breakfast this morning. Then, a couple of hours into our work, it laid me low.

This is virtually the same path I took on the way to Norovirus about three weeks back. That made me feel like Walking Death for about 18 hours...this time, something is turning it around, apparently, a lot faster. Maybe my immune system recognizes this villian
And has some sense of how to cut it shorter this go-round.

I've been sick off and on for over four hours, and spent the rest of the morning and early adternoon balled up and leeping. Am starting to sip gingerle. At least the guys got far enough to finish moving major, heavy items to their destinations. The fine-tuning will have to wit for our next trip.

Is this Nature's way of fooling with my head? Thank goodness I got as far as I did, so they knew what needed to be done, and were far-enough along to finish the main moves without my input. Good guys like that are hard to find.

Hoping this gingerale sticks, so we can head for home soon. I guess getting 75% of everything done was great, all things given. Don't you hate it when you have a great plan, and suddenly can't get through it?

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