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Big day!

Winn's first day of preschool ( really more of a Mommy's Morning Out , since it is just two hours once a week) started today. Pouring rain, so he was decked out in his froggy boots and slicker.

He entertained himself with " Caillou" on iPad all the way there, so the commute was smooth. We did great until he realized I wasn't staying...said twice, " I want to help MaMa!", then the little lower lip went, and his teacher scooped him up and said, " Go!"

I felt like a sack of crap for leaving him, but he was - of course - fine when I got back. Turned around and said, " Thank you" to his main teacher. When she bent over to hear him, he reached up and gave her a good-bye kiss. Awwwww!

When I asked him where he was going next Monday, he said " SCHOOL!" Maybe we will make this leap after all!

While he was there, I had a MaMa's Morning Out...took my first private TKD lesson. It was a very weird thing, even after nine years in the do jhang.

The improvements in my knee and lower body in general had me feeling very out of my a good way...but, if you have favored a hurt body part for ages, it is something else having the use return. Martial arts is a lot about weight distribution and balance, and I was able to shift weight today in ways I never had before. Sort of like taking the training wheels off a bike. Odd feeling!

Winn fell sound asleep before we could even get to Chik-fil-A for the indoor playground, so we brought home lunch for him and his parents. He slept almost two hours, then woke up and stayed with us while daughter ran a horse to the vet for a Coggins, picked up repair parts at Hog Slat, etc.

They swung back through about five, and left about six. We had read rhymes, built with blocks, helped PaPa move a couple hundred wine empties out to the office for bottling this fall and winter, and played for hours in the porch. The small sandbox out there makes it messy, but it's a lifesaver on wet days when the big outdoor sandpile is too soggy.

We rounded off our day with a Paleo plate of spaghetti squash covered in Mike's good sauce, with the last bottle of one of his best red wines. I did a bowl of berries smothered in whipped coconut cream for dessert...very easy and very filling.

Daughter has a friend bringing over her little boy to play with Winn, while the two of them work out in our little gym. My day tomorrow will be early and on the road. Cell phone swapout, picking up two water pumps for the pigs, pet store to return an automatic litterbox that makes the most unsettling noises in the middle of the night. Manager told me to return it a while back, which needs to be done while I can still find the receipt.

Get to spend a bit of time at Jenna's.,,not enough of that recently.
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Re: Big day!

A full day. It is always tough on that first day away from home. DGD was nervous about the first day of jr high.

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Re: Big day!

That is a big day!   Hoping that the rest of the days go so smooth!!


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