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Big feet, etc.?

A couple of friends commented on a photo on FB that my younger daughter posted,showing me holding our new grandson. One comment was on how long his tiny feet are. We had all joked over dinner, as he slept away soundly, that he has Mike's long feet and fingers. Family trait. We were enjoying a turkey dinner that I had done a lot of prep on, but which our younger daughter seasoned. I just shifted over to the prep aide of the kitchen, and she stepped up to the stove. She takes her sense of taste from Mike and his mom, who was a wonderful cook. Another family trait. Our older daughter van handle animals as instinctively as her PaPa, Mike's dad. She makes weird little noise while she is doing stuff...and that trait I on,y ever saw in one of,his spinster aunts so ,usthave gone back a ways. Our son is a very good guitarist...and there is a familynprotraitmon Mike's Greta grandfather and his children, all of whom are holding musical instruments. They all have bits and pieces of the OCD behaviors that I carry...compulsive counting is a very persistent trait there. If I look around the table at the blue eyes, all staring back at me and my muddy hazel ones, I feel so outnumbered by the dominant traits our kids got from their Daddy. So,our little guy has the family's long hands amd feet, fingers and toes. As you gathered with your family today, what characteristics did yo notice, and where did they come from.
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