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Bits and pieces

With all the building we were doing, plus the composter shed, which was turnkey, we are down to nits and pieces of jobs now.  Mike is going back and forth, giving me specifications on this eye bolt, that S hook, and now water line parts for the automatic sheep waterer.  It occurs to me tha tyou can have millions of dollars' wirht of facilites, and for the lack of one $2 part, nothing works right. 


I am sure the electrician who did the work at Jenna's (who is yet to finish) will cost a pretty penny; but. he was missing one outlet cover, a very special-purpose one, of course.  That is on my list, too, along with a switch plate he was lacking.   Like I said, you can spend a lot, and still nothign works, until the details that bedevil every job are dealt with fully. 


I have learned to figure out plumbing connections, electrical and communications setups, and have bought just about every nail, nut and bolt that holds this and the other place together.  IU have been todl tha tnot many women will accpet this type of assignment. 


I asked about technology implementation the other day.  Here's a good 'nother question for you this afternoon:  Who has to figure out the details, and acquire everything that holds your world together? 

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