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Blonde charmer

A funny thing happened at noon today.

Will try to tell this descriptively as I think many will enjoy it.

Our 3 1/2 year old grand daughter was here today.

So she finished her lunch and wanted to use the 'puter' which is in the office.

So got up and went back to finish our lunch and dawdle over an extra cup of tea.

After a while along came Abby.

Folded her arms on the edge of the table, rested her chin on her arms (she is just the right height) and then let out a stream of her almost understandable words. Stomped her foot on the floor, threw in a few tears and let us know the 'puter' was not working right.

I laughed.

Her grand mother said I should not have rewarded her for that kind of show.

Couldn't help it, just too funny.

So I went and fixed the 'puter' for her and all was well with the world again.


Might help to picture it if I explain she is blonde hair, big eyes, and as the third in the family knows how to charm to get her way rather than hollering and tears.

Have been smiling about it all afternoon.

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Re: Blonde charmer

Funny picture...thanks for sharing it with us!  I am sure you are not the first doting grandpa to cave in to such a serious complaint from a tiny granddaughter.  As one who gets frustrated with 'puters, too, I can feel her pain!

Do you ever wonder how these kids, who have never known a world without the abstract e-environment, will be different from ours, who had just a smidgen of this at the start of their mental development?  It is something I think about, having had a degree in early childhood education as my college foundation. 

Some subjects - math especially - are so predicated upon concrete experiences and manipulating actual objects, it is hard to see how a child could learn them with too heavy a cyber component. 

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Re: Blonde charmer

Kay we all get frustrated with these things from time to time.


I have worried about how the 'young generation' would make out but I have come to realize as I watch our grand children, 3 of whom are now in school, that they are doing fine and will continue to improve our world.

I went to school on foot, a mile up the road (still hadn't changed to the easier metric system then) when I was 6 years old. I knew how to tie my shoes, laces in those days, and could count to maybe 10.

Grandchildren have gone off to school at 5 years old and been able to count to at least 100 and understood at least some words, probably in 2 languages, to read.

I never heard of TV until I was in elementary school because it just was not available until then.

My grandchildren watch and learn a tremendous amount from TV and now the internet.

Abby was here again today, 'playing' on CBC Kidsworld. She has to ask us to go online and put the site up then she takes over. Today I watched her 'carve' a pumpkin after she picked it, loaded it, transported it etc. and then printed a picture of it clicking through all the right buttons to get a paper copy.

So she can read some words now.

She also was doing dot to dot 'drawing' on the site which was stretching her counting abilities since she could not just spout the words off by rote.

I have seen her actually count objects too so am sure she understands the concept of actual objects.


 BTW I am reminded of my grand mother who was born in a log cabin in the 1880ies. A cabin which was on land 'settled' by my great grandfather and great, great grandparents only 30 years before.

She was born into a world with no hydro, no running water, no cars and the road was just a trail through the bush.

She lived to see many things we take for granted including man flying through the air and even landing on the moon.

Yes I think our young will make out alright with all the changes they will see. 

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