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Broken things?

Ho was ot said they comes in threes? We are about five times three right now...after two AC calls to the office this year so far ( two different capacitors gone bad), one of the rentals texted me yesterday that their cooling wasn't working.

We had paid for a service call, when the breaker was not fully on, so she had at least chrcked that this time first. Call in to HVAC guy up there hasn't bern returned yet.

Looks like something is breaking every time we turn around right now. We have replaced two wellumps on one farm alone already this year, Mike's truck took a tow last weekend.
Daughter's tire problems on the way to state finals yesterday turned out to be worse than we thought: she had one wheel come completely OFF, while hauling a huge hirse trailer on the highway, because thedummy at the ture shop ( two new tores) hadn't tightened the lugs. Could've been a true disaster...Winn asked, " Is that our wheel?" as it went by....

We are getting shovked by some sort of malfunction in the electric fencing on Mike's place. My red mule will never trust me again, since we arced while I was feeding her cookies while she stood in dew - wetted grass. My car has a window that eill notnrespond to the driver's side switch. You don't realize how often you drop that window to speak to someone, until you can't!

Have a slow leak on the work van's rear passenger side tire. The treads are fine, and they couldn't find a leak at the to run it through there again.

We blew an irrigation hydrant - twice! - last week. Fortunately, the unit shuts down when pressure drops, so we avoid spills.

Toss in the entire re-do of the employee residence, and my repair budget for 2015 is pretty much shot to bits...and this doesn't begin to mention the hog farm....

Do you ever feel like everything you own is falling apart at once? Sure seems like it here this year.
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Re: Broken things?

If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!   That's the way I feel sometimes.


I would like a day, a week, a month where everything is fixed and nothing breaks.    We have a small well pump out on two farms now.   The easy fix when they went down during the bad weather was to switch everything over to rural water so we could water the cattle.  Now since there are no cattle around the lots, I'm afraid the pumps will be forgotten until fall.  I have that on my list of to dos as soon as haying is done.   Couple weeks ago, I got notice of a recall on my car but when I called the dealership they dont have the part to fix it.   Then last week, totally unrelated to the recall, my drivers window wouldn't go back up (does this sound like a parallel life, Kay?)   DH messed around until he got  it to roll up but now none of the buttons on the drivers door work.  All other doors work fine.   I decided I could live with this until the recall part came in.   But then, I went to town on Wednesday and when I was leaving the store, the car wouldn't start, no warning, no clicks, nothing..   battery was fine but the starter is out.  Again not recall related.   So DH had my car towed to a mechanic who can't get to it until today.    


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Re: Broken things?

Security system on my Mazda started acting funky last trip to Raleigh area, about a month ago...maybe not that long.  Funy, but it happened twice that day, and not again.


Last week in town here, the door locks wouldn't open when I touched the button.  It was a hundred degrees, and Winn had just made the "I have to go potty" announcement, right as we left Lowe's for the second time, because daughter kept texting things we needed at the farm.  We had been in town for five hours!


My tail was dragging, so when the locks malfunctioned, I started to melt down right there on the pavement.  Really, I was so exausted, I wanted to cry. 


Winn said, "Take out your key, MaMa!"  Of course, he wa right...all I had to do was pull the metal key out of the keypad.  Has worked fine ever since....


Crazy cars! Sounds like we both need the master window switch, which lets the driver control all the windows.  SIL says he will replace mine ASAP.  Thank goodness we have him to rely upon. 


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