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Butt- ugly wall?

What do you guys do when you move a big piece of furniture, and find you have managed to have a butt- ugly wall behind it?

When Mike got energetic and helped gets that huge oak cabinet moved out last week, I was faced with seventeen years of bad decision, in one corner and an eight- foot wall leading into it. I will not tell you how it GOT so bad, but let it suffice to say this was all done when this house was going to be a hog farm office, and nothing more.

So far, I have managed to remove a section of walloper border below a chair rail, and I know taheaint will have to be re-done. No big issue there.
I just finished mounting the five or so sheets of glass tile to complete the wall leading into the corner? The boys put tile and trim up to the cabinet and stopped last summer, since I was not up to another fix, after doing three rooms over from the dirt up then.
I had purchased enough to do the rest of that end wall of the hallway and stashed it in the closet upstairs. All it needs now is grout, and I have enough of that on hand to finish that wall exactly as I want it. Another couple of hours, and son can trim it out next time he's free.

The real horrid part is above the chair rail on the eight foot section. It is badly- discolored cork sheeting, which was originally the farm office bulletin board. About three feet is stained with shoe polish, which - as terrible as it sounds, actually is a faux leather finish technique I learned from a very good source.

The other five feet had a couple of bubbles under the cork, which I have performed surgery on the afternoon. I sliced at the top of each bubble, and squished glue in the gap, then pinned the material to the wall with pushpins, shove in to the hilt, until the glue dries.
This section is very different in color from the stained portion, and due to a bit of a leak, which has been fixed now, has a water
stain, so cannot be stained to match the " good" portion. I hate paint over cork, probably after having it on some old bulletin boards in classrooms when I was teaching.

I am leaning in one of two directions. The actual wall is just slightly under eight feet wide, and 47&3/4 inches from chair rail top trim. I do not want to try to remove the cork..did that on the wall on the other side of the office area, and it is impossible to get it off and leave the face of the Sheetrock undamaged.

I am leaning towards either ripping two side off of an 8x 4 sheet of some type of refinished panelling, which makes me sort of cringe, since it is hard to find something that looks right in this old house; OR, finding some burlap or upholstery fabric that is wide enough to cover the cork, and stapling it up, finishing the edges somehow.

The question is: most fabric is 44-45 inches wide, and the designs usually run the length. I need to fond something with a non- directional weave or design, that is four feet wide. I know some upholstery fabric isnwider, and some plain fabrics like quilt backing are even wider that that...but, there are no fabric stores to browse here anymore ( thanks to Walmart, which closed it's fabric department a year ago, too.)

I have a very busy 3/4 inch square tile, with tan, brown, and in- between tones, all streaked with copper metallic random lines,
running into the common corner with this wall. That is the only color combination I feel " married to" at this point. the grunt color is mocha, and I wills VA ly mathc that with the paint below the rail.

Sitting in front will be a beautiful old china hutch, walnut- toned with glassed doors, and four caned doors at the bottom. It is very plain,with rounded corners on the top, I would say, deco, but has hand- hammered dark brasses that look sort of Arts
and Crafts period. A very neat piece, that is simple enough to go with my rustic taste in everything else.

I am just stuck on this upper, butt- ugly wall...and would appreciate some suggestions. Two/ thirds of it will be behind the china piece, but that leaves a third of it staring at me like a sore thumb. Please, somebody, inspire me!

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