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Cabelas Fishing Sale is the Mans version of Bloomingdales semi-annual shoe sale

This was my Saturday last week.  Cabelas was having a huge fishing sale and hubby wanted to go since that's what he does all summer long.  He had gone on Thursday and picked up a few things but needed to get there early on Saturday for some other stuff.  I figured since I'm the holder of the gift cards I would tag along and see what was up. 

We got there at 9:04am....Todd wanted to be there at 8:59am but we didn't quite make it.  My mission was to go and get a pair of shoes that they had on sale.  Their slip on moccasins that Todd really likes so I meandered back there to get the shoes.  My luck, they didn't have any on the shelves but the nice sales associate had one in his hands in the color I wanted.  I wandered back up to the fishing sale and HOLY SMACKS!!!!  Men just throwing 1 of everything in their carts left and was hilarious to watch.  I finally found hubby throwing lures and other fishing stuff in his basket left and right so I started in with the whole "do you need that?" "are you sure about that?"  "what do you need that for" to which I got the stink eye until I said well that's what you do to me when we go GROCERY shopping.  LOL It's kind of fun to mess with him every once in awhile.  LOL  Anyways, as we were working our way through some other things he was debating on getting this thing or not so I told him to just go ahead and get it.  I almost got a standing ovation from all the men in the department and the look of death from the wives.  LOL  One guy told Todd that he liked the way I think.  Todd's steal of the day though was a St. Croix muskie fishing pole that wasn't suppose to be on sale but the associate gave it to him for the sale price.  At check out I wished him Happy Anniversary (we'll be married 10 years at the end of March).  From there we went to TSC where he couldn't come in since he wanted to check out all his lures.  I just laughed and went in.

Todd doesn't ask for too much and he got some really great deals with it being no real money out of our pockets since I get so many Cabelas gift cards through work.  It does seem though that MY gift cards (hard work) benefits him more then me.  LOL 

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Re: Cabelas Fishing Sale is the Mans version of Bloomingdales semi-annual shoe sale

What a good sport you are to share your cards, but I have done that too. I have been to only one Cabella's but it was fun, since there are none in our area.

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