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Calm after the storm

Well the storm is over and it is peaceful outside....until you get out there.... DH got stuck out in the field going out a drive trying to get to the other farm, why he is driving the pick-up and not the tractor is beyond me right now, so went and pulled him out with the other pick-up...our lane is blocked....I seen the one pen where we have 4 400 lbs. in and the snow is over the that means the same for other pens too!!  Going to wait inside till DH is at the other farm till I go outside and see what can be done here.   Blue sure is pretty out Smiley Surprised)



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Re: Calm after the storm

After every hurricane here in NC, the following day is probably as pretty as it gets, too.  Maybe that is the reward for surviving the storm.  Hope you folks fare well in this one.  Sounds astounding to me.  Be safe. 

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Re: Calm after the storm

It even seemed warmer the next day compared to the more windy than snow storm we had Saturday too. Delivering mail in those whiteout conditions was not too fun with a white car, LOL! Thank goodness most people had the smarts to stay home. Still there are always some of those not so smarties.

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