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Can your heat keep up?

Winn has fallen prey to yet another viral illness (or, as his foreign- born pediatrician says, " a wi-rus").  He seems better today, but had a high- enough fever yesterday to warrant an office visit, to rule out strep,and flu.  


To prevent stressing him unnecessarily by dragging him put in the single- digit wind chill this morning, I told daughter last night when we took them supper and some popsicles, to let me sit with him there today.  I got up and out by 7:30, for her scheduled eight o'clock livehaul truck.  


It was plenty warm in our drafty old house...coolish in spots, mostly near windows, but the wood heat was pumping out of ductwork and radiators steadily.  I got her car started and warming up for her, then went in, to find her house pretty cool all over, despite it being a modern, well- sealed home with two zoned heay pumps.


The system is certified to heat or cool so far from ambient temp, and no more.  This morning, it was about 16 at home, and her house was 67 degrees.  We walked in at Jenna's and found that our system here held the house within two degrees of where we had left it set, and that was in a bedroom woth the radiators virtually turned off. It got to 12 here, and we had turned the thermostat to 65, that one room got to 63.  


Both systems held interior temps to 51 above doing all it could do, and the other turned down, to stretch a loading of wood from 3 yesterday afternoon until this morning around nine, when our helper comes by and stokes the fire.  We were tickled to see that the low on the recording thermometer showed this air-leaky old house held its own last night.  


This just makes me wonder:How in the world do you folks in ND, MN, and even the lower Midwest, find any kind of heating system that can possibly keep you warm?  Are all of you running furnaces in the basement, that give you radiant warmth, too?  


Do you have to supplement central systems like our daughter's wity space heaters?  They have a nice gas log fireplace, but do not burn it now, due to Winn's inquisitive age. 


How in heck do you people stay warm?


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