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Cell phone in the pool? Or in the pot?

My daughter dropped her cell phone in the swimming pool. Her Dr friend dropped his in the stool. Both packed their wet phones in rice fro several days. The rice drew the moisture out of the phones and they both run just fine today.  


Save this in your mental hard drive should you ever have a need for it.

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Re: Cell phone in the pool? Or in the pot?

Been there tried that....didn't work and I left it in the rice for a month while checking it at intervals.  I'm just not that lucky.  LOL

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Re: Cell phone in the pool? Or in the pot?

There's a long discussion on this thread in Computers and More.  Even when they work, they never seem to work the same.

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Re: Cell phone in the pool? Or in the pot?

I suppose it depends upon how dependent you are upon your devices. My smartphone goes with me everywhere, is my lifeline to help on road trips, serves as my server at our second home, so streams our entertainment and Internet there.

The replacement cost of that device is $600. I never insured a basic cell phone, but I do pay a few bucks each month to cover this one. With a toddler grabbing it and scooting off with it occasionally, that seemed the prudent thing to do. It also allows me to trade in a lemon phone at no cost, which I had to do once.
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