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dairy mom
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A census worker came by this afternoon. Needed information about people living in the house across at the road.  Not surprising to me they hadn't turned in any information.  They are Amish that left the fold. 

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Re: Census

Found a census contact notice in my office door Friday when I went to let the dogs out.  Could have been there a couple of days.  Called the number, and the young woman wanted to know who lived in the brick house at the end of or side path.  Easy...that lady died a couple of years ago, and thbe house is empty. 

Then, she wanted me to bascially do her job for her on several more houses in the general vicinity.  Some of those I have no idea about, since we are not really "from" here.  I suggested that she do a tax record lookup, which is easy to do from the county's website.  She can see if the owner of record is the resident, without ever leaving her desk, or at least identify an owner to contact for more help.   

She had no clue as to how to do this, so I walked her through it over the phone from my desktop.  Would you not think the census people would have taught their field workers to use this technology to further their searches?

We got mailed five forms - one for our house, and four more, one for each of the hog farm wellhouses and generator site.  I sent them back, but told her not to bother to come asking about those...evidently, they only follow up on the ones that return nothing. 

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