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Charlie Sheen?

Have any of you followed the war between Chalrlie Sheen and his producers (and now CBS)?  Every day seems to bring new skirmishes in this battle, and yesterday, the network pulled the plug for the rest of this season. 

I think it is about time someone took a stand against bad celebrity behavior.  The show is a glorification of hedonism, but its star is finally showing that even for that level of lifestyle, one can go too far. 

I feel bad for the rest of the cast, although I am sure they have been well-paid for a number of years, so ought to be okay...probably not so much for the people who have just been thrown out of work in production. 

I've been hoping that judge would jail the Lohan chick for stealing that necklace, too.  We wonder why kids think fame is everything, and then we raise famous people above the rules in front of them every day.  It is no small surprise that teens want fame above any other aspect in life. 

I'll be glad when I feel well enough to get outdoors and stay there.  We are in the worst recession in recent memory, the Middle East is in turmoil at every turn and states are reneging on deals they have made, so they won't have to pay for them,. and this is what passes for news! 

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