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Chewable vitiamins

I have a friend who needs them but I can't find that message. Can you give the source again?

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Re: Chewable vitiamins

I found mine at Target.  They were the Target brand Women's adult chewables, they also had some geared toward men and then also just adults. 

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Re: Chewable vitiamins

I posted about that subject...b/c it was new to me. 

Any drugstore or Walmart with pharmacy will have several different adult chewables and gummies now.  Some are plain multis, some multis with calcium, some multis with immunity boost, etc.  I found mine on sale at Walgreen's for $10, with enough for 75 doses.   

They have special prenatal, men's, women's, over-fifty, etc.  Basically any vitamins are available this way now.  There are some sugarfree ones now, too. 

I also found lots of different ones on amazon, and shipping for the ones I ordered was free.  Different people like different forms better than others. 

I like the gummies, and do not have to cajole Mike into taking them.  He eats fewer grains and veggies than I do, so I really wanted him to take vitamins.  First time I've succeeded.

The glucosamine/chondroitin I'm using is sort of like an orange taffy, Spring Valley brand, cheapest so far at Walmart. 

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