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Childproofing and toddler transition

It doens't seem possible that only a year ago, Winn's birth was still several months away.  This little guy is in SUCH a hurry to be a big boy. 


It seems that when he hit eight months, we entered a "no holds barred' period.  He is dragging things off of tabletops, emptying bookshelves ( coulf be a fulltiem job hereP and moving faster every day. 


WheI need to get anything done while ehe's here, he goes into the backpack, which is some extra freight.  He passed the 23-pound nark on the scales recently.  I've probably lost almost that much since Jenna passed away in May, but it's reminding me that I could still stand to lose that much more. 


I've got him blacked off with smaller pieces of furniture for now, like shoving the rockeing chair up to the foot of the steps to the upstairs.  His walker - which he hates to be in now - is in front of Mike's side table, so the reading lamp is off limits...but, I know the days of getting by that way are numbered. 


I childproofed our modern home in Va easily when our kids were small.  A few cabinet locks and outlet covers, and  it was pretty much done.  I said something to Mike about this recently, and he just laughed and said, "Can't be done here!:"


I know it's time to put our meds behind a locked cabinet door, and to close off every electrical outlet - furniture sits in front of most of them anyway.  My cleansers are all in a utility area, excpet for the one spray bottle of non-toxic stuff I use for tehestove- and cabinet tops. 


The lockable cabinet for the garden sprays is being installed this coming week.  Alarm is going into the swimming pool,  and all the buckets and trugs that could hold water are being tucked away, where the rain can't turn them into hazards. 


Those of you with young kids or grands, please give me some pointers.  Meanwhile, I am tying on my track shoes, to keep up with this kid! 

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Re: Childproofing and toddler transition

Have you thought about getting a "leash" for him?

May be able to keep him nearby so he doesn't run out the door when you're not looking.

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Re: Childproofing and toddler transition

I think we had this topic a year ago and i recall my comment....somthing to the effect that i recognize the limitations that my age brings to supervising babies and children in our home. For this reason, when i am caring for any of them, regardless of age, i give them 100% of my attention. NOTHING, and i mean NOTHING, that i need to do takes priority when they are here in my care.

Between the farm equipment and vehicles coming and going and bins and pits and chemicals and even the dog, the farm is a worksite. The house is equipped and stocked for two semi retired folks. Everything inside is placed for our physical convenience. It simply cannot be childproofed beyond medicines, weapons, and cleaning supplies.

My responsibility is to keep them safe. I just dont trust myself to be trying to do anything else. I guess I am the ultimate childproofing device.

One caveat...i do not provide childcare for any of the grands on a regular basis like some grandparents do. Therefore, i can justify not doing anything when they are here.
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Re: Childproofing and toddler transition

Don't know about in the house, that was my wife's doing, for the most part.  I just installed the child locks she picked out.

As for outside, we got the girls a puppy.  We searched high and low, for one that was not 'hyper' around kids, and that is as good a babysitter as one could ask for.  Now, don't go thinking, we just let the kids outside, and let the dog take care of them. 
What I am meaning, is the dog is now trained to bark whenever anything is coming down the drive (good girl!! goes a long way).  So, now I know to gather the kids up, because someone is coming our way.
Ditto, when you turn around, and see the kids are not right there.  Whistle for the dog, and wherever she comes from, is where the kids are.  Also, if you pet her just a little, then go back to looking busy, she heads right back to where the kids are, and all you have to do is follow her to them.

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Re: Childproofing and toddler transition

Had a leash for my kids when they were little.  Didn't really like it or use it much.  I found it more comforting to use in crowded places.  So easy for a child to get pushed away from you in some situations.


As far as grands here on the farm.  We have never had the pleasure of having any of the grands all to ourselves.  They are only here when every one is here.  So always plenty of watchful eyes.


In the house we put a gate up at the bottom of the stairs so the little ones can't get upstairs.  Keep the 2 downstair bedroom doors and the bathroom door closed.  I don't have a lot of knick knacks, most of them are in a display case, also no lamps around.  But mainly just always lots of watchful eyes.


Actually I don't think the kids trust us to leave little ones with us.  They figure a cow emergency would trump them.  But they are wrong.  Still I can't imagine having a little one around all the time again.  The youngest is the only one that was a baby in this house and I really can't imagine how we did it, except that there were 6 older ones helping.  One of my favorite sayings is "every baby should come with a 16 year old".  Can't even remember how I coped when I had the 4th with the oldest just having turned 5.  Course we weren't on the farm then, and I was much younger.

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