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Christmas Crazy

First of all, if this insults the way anyone feels about Christmas, I apologize up front.  I am just beginning to wonder if there should be an official diagnosis in psychology for what I call being "Christmas Crazy".


For about a month, the Carolina Pottery has been advertising its seasonal wares, mostly home decorations.  The final scene is a woman in a red skirt and some kind of headdress that I cannot even figure out...but she looks like she's gone over the edge and hit bottom.   It's like the whole place is just a mile of red and gold plastic crap, and she's the Queen of Christmas. 


I've always loved Christmas.  Made keepsake ornaments for the kids when they were young, did the whole Santa magic act with them, and taught them to think genuinely about giving instead of just receiving, by involving them in giving to others.  I know there are a lot of reasons why I am less excited about it all this year; but, I've been headed in this direction for a long time, I think. 


Watching Winn look at the lights in town and on his family's tree has been a true delight. I know the next few years will be more fun as we see Christmas in teh focus of his eyes. 


I will hang a couple of green boughs and ribbons, and set up a small tree in our house soon.  We'll do the angel shopping, and I'm asking the kids for their wishes, as usual. 


You just won't catch me in a sea of fake snow, wrapped in rolls of cheap ribbon.  I may be insane in a lot of ways, but i doubt I'd ever be called Christmas Crazy.  How about you? 

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