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Christmas Gifts - Have ideas?

Hi ladies, 


There's only 43 days until Christmas! Have you started shopping for gifts yet? 


One of our editors put together a gift guide of (mostly) apparel items for men and women on the farm. What's your favorite item? Or what would you add to the list?  



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Re: Christmas Gifts - Have ideas?

Haven't even really thought of Christmas shopping yet and probably won't until we get into the new house.  😄  I did get the one niece and nephew (twins) done with a Kindle Fire tablet.  They will be 12 so I got them the $50 tablet, that way if it breaks oh well.  My 1 nephew will get cash (17 yrs old) but I'm stuck on 2 nieces and a nephew yet.  Won't do much for my parents or hubbys as they don't really need certificates I'm guessing.  Hubby's not getting much since we are getting a new house and I'm getting a new puppy in Jan.

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Re: Christmas Gifts - Have ideas?

Sounds like you are doing well with the gifts. I have not even thought that far ahead. You think the house will be ready by Christmas? That would be very nice for you  as I know you have been waiting a long time for the new home.

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Re: Christmas Gifts - Have ideas?

Winn's the only person I really buy "things" for now.  He is going to be four, so my biggest issue is not messing up Sant'as action for the next few years.