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Cleaning up/salvaging anything lately?

SIL came through earlier, and wanted to know if the fax machine had rung this morning, but it had not.  He's been cleaning up the country store we bought in September, and has decided to make a contract for a rolloff container, with the company that does trash collections for the county.  The contract is his anticipated incoming fax. 

Evidently, for $84, they will set it for a month, and dump it twice during that time.   Another $45 gets you weekly dumping, which it may take, since the warehouse up there has a lot of junky furniture and mattresses.  I am hoping two dumps will be enough, but it may take four.  Now that the snakes ought to be in hiding, they've decided to clean it out good, then move the container back to the shop on the farm, and pick up/clean out back there.  (When the little warehouse is cleaned out, I have a nice, big "new" storage building!!!!)

As you know from my meltdown, I can only stand but so much picking up behind Mike.  Last week, he had to replace a feed auger in one of the buildings, and remarked that there is a lot of metal lying around, from 16 years of such repairs.  I mentioned this to our daugher, and told her that they can have all the money from anything they want to move and sell to the recyclers. 

We've got an old generator back there that ought to weigh well more than a ton, and there's a lot of copper inside in the windings.  Mike says there ought to be quite a bit of cash in the salvage to be had back there, and there may be a bit of metal at the store, too. 

This was my one kid who would round up change from the odd spots we dropped it around the house when she was young.  I remember once, she told me she'd chased down $82.  Knowing her, I am sure she's planning to use this metal money for her nursery, now that they've decided to start a family...that was kind of where our conversation was last week, when we mentioned this salvaging idea.   

Today, I hear that they've decided to take this chore up.  I've offered to pay for the dumpster, and let them use any of the trailers, cutting torches, etc., and even to hire them some help, if they want it.  Two good days - one in each place -  with the two of them and two good workers,  will get the lion's share done, I am sure. 

I cannot tell you how excited it makes me to think that the rust piles will soon be gone! No old tires stacked, no baling plastic is a dream come true!  I hadn't realized how recycling metal was paying lately...evidently, it is worth the time and trouble now. 

So, I am anxiously awaiting the fax line ring this afternoon.   Hmmmm...maybe I should ante up the piggybank where my spare change and odd bills have been building up for a few years, too, to top off the earnings when they are done.  I think I'll wait a see how much they make from the recycling, and maybe save that for a later-on baby gift.  Might depend on how satisfied they seem for their efforts, as worthwhile or not.  (Opinions?)

Are any of you doing any cleanup for salvage these days? 

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Re: Cleaning up/salvaging anything lately?

We've been doing this for awhile. The prices aren't as good as they were during the economic boom, but not nearly as bad as in the middle of the bust. The prices for salvage may be a symptom of the economy slowing coming around. Too slow for most. Still are some that are crazy enough to climb pivots though.Smiley Mad

I think it is a great idea to let them have the salvage in turn for cleaning up the place. Sure makes a difference afterwards.

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