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Closed on the Country Store

Just got in from the attorney's office and had a bite of late lunch.  By now, he should have recorded the deed on the country store property I wrote about a while back. 

It struck me on the way home, that we closed on this farm itself sixteen years ago yesterday.  It seems more like a hundred. 

Daughter came in just after I got in, and I informed her it's our now...and she said she'd like to use one of the garage bays for SIL to paint her old Mustang ASAP.   I told her they'd have to use a generator up there for now, since I was not going to make another electric bill, until we had a regular use for the place. 

 I haven't even been in it yet, and need to get locks installed on the doors, and change the padlock on the small warehouse building beside the store itself.  No rush. 

The seller told me today that he's gotten one call from someone wanting to buy it, but I am thinking storage for now, then see what develops.  Mike's mentioned that the bays are perfect for motorcycles....hmmm, the garage is already full of them here, so ????

I am thinking that the space will "speak" to me when I finally go inside ..that happens to me more often than I'd like to admit.  This house did that...I think now it may have been saying, "Put me out of my misery! 

Just what we needed...more derelict buildings. 

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