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Re: Clothing???

My preference is to climb into tractors every day as long as I can throw my legs over the gates.   I wear  Lee's  Relaxed Fit Jeans, as well as whatever has been moved from the good down to the everyday.   T-shirts and jeans are my summer staples.   During the winter.. a fleece turtleneck, sweatshirt and jeans. It would be great if all sweatshirts were made like the one I've been wearing since 2000.   He wears it on the team he plays for.    They wear quality gear.   I still have the shirts from Bearcats, but they don't exist anymore.  

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Re: Clothing???

Oh man, I understand you so well. Actually, I'm dealing with this issue almost every winter. I mean, every winter, nothing out of my wardrobe fits me. Why?! Well, I get fat. How? I don't freaking know. The worst part is that I get fat instantly and don't even understand how that happened. In January 2019, I had the same issue, but the situation was pretty different. My friend was getting married. I already had a suit from Gentleman's Guru. That suit was tremendous. But it didn't ***** fit me! I had to order another one two days before the damn wedding.

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