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Clown pants?

Walked through Target the other day, looking for one household item.  As I passed by the women's wear, the phrase " clown pants" kept popping into my mind.  


I swear, I didn't see one thing I would dream of wearing, except my usual Champion C- 9 afhletic wear.  Even those had some neon colors I would strictly avoid. 


Just noticed a couple of outfits for little girls on FB, that some of the younger moms are " liking" for a chance to win.  Honestly, I would  feel sorry for the small child forced to wear them.  Not only ugly, but cut and sewn so that even the shape of them looks uncomfortable.  


Clothing goes in fad phases, for sure.  Hope this one is a short turn.  


When you shop and see things that just look ridiculous, what phrase does your mind pop up with, to ward you off of bad choices? 

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