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Re: sleazy fashions

I lve in the C-9 champion clothes, unless i need tough stuff like my ladies' bibs from Duluth Trading.  


Now that Winn is catching onto the world, I am really starting to enjoy things like the NordicWare silver dollar pancake pans with animals, insects, hearts, etc., and the kids' utensils.  He had a monkey and an elephant for breakfast this morning.  


They carry a good variety of foods that aren't readily available in our other local stores...many organic.  Only place we can find na'an bread, for example.


The children's clothes are cute and durable.  I found his snowpant bibs there, in two colors, for less than one pair at Belk. His nice Little Tikes truck was $14 less thre than the toy store.


I  will stand in the store and check  against amazon for price and quality, using my Droid.  If I was some sort of a fashionista, I guess I would want he clown pants.  As long as they stock the others I do like, I guess I ought not complain....

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