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Cooking techniques?

Just joked with Mike that I think the reason I actually enjoy cooking a lot more than I ever did before is because we waych so many of Gordon Ramsay's chef shows. The one with the kids blows me away...can you picture a child chef?

Anyway, I decided that I want to know more, so ordered a Great Course on cooking techniques. Plan on watching those classes while we ride between farms, using Winn's little portable DVD player. I will boot up a youtub video, too. Watched Gordon whet his chef's knife, so I would know how to maintain mine.

There was not a lot of " technique" in the canned biscuit and fishsticks household I grew up in. I mentioned my MIL's paring knives on a thread on FB yesterday. She had a lot of talent, her meals were reputed to be the best in the county by the guys who ate here during community crop work.

I do not remember much at all about my grandmothers was basically helpless, the other made these fried apple jacks. I remember sitting on her kitchen stepstool and snacking on one, sunlight streaming in through the jars of jelly cooling on the windowsill. Lard crust, sugar and cinnamon...what a delight!

I cannot really blame my mother for not teaching me anything at all about cooking, because her mother was a wreck at it. My other Grammar moved to town when I was five, to be near her daughter as she started her family.

I remember asking my MIL for recipes a few times, but always suspected she left something out. They never tasted quite right. Now, I realize the main ingredient I lacked was patience. Flavors take time to marry in most meals of the country cuisine, and I wanted a fifteen- minute miracle....five would've been even better!

We have talked about cooking a lot before, but I do not remember us saying who taught us technique, or where we have picked up tricks of the trade. Where did you learn everythung you know, or are you self-taught?

All I can say is, " Thank goodness for Gordon and youtube!"