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Honored Advisor

Re: Cooking techniques?

I think it is both Nature and nurture. Cooking does not " run in the family" on either side all that well to me. Paternal grandmother did some plain country cooking - like those lardy apple jacks - very well.

Mike had his mother's strong influence, don't know about his father's side. He is more likely to " throw things together" cooking, but not bake at all.

Cooking is - or I think ought to be - part of our inherited culture. I had time while in Whole Foods yesterday to learn a lot from their cheese guy. He spent time in Germany as a teenaged exchange student. He talks about food like a musician talks about music...of course, it is his job, but he really has a passion for what he does.

I wish I had learned these things before time and bad habits dulled my senses so much. I just had a sheep's milk ginger yogurt for breakfast...not Paleo, but I love ginger, and found it in the case with the almond milk and coconut milk yogurts. It was not your regular Dannon or Chobani....
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