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Cool weather

It is a cool dewy morning here, high 40's. I read yesterday the the ice packs in both the north and south poles are increasing. But Gore has his reputation built on global warming and will probably keep it as least in the short term.


Early corn here is coming in with good numbers.

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Re: Cool weather

Good to hear the good crop report. This was probably the wettest summer I ever recall, and things either grew extremely well or drowned here. What stood up to a constant soaking is gorgeous.

Hadn't heard about the growing ice packs. I would wonder if it is deemed statistically significant or not. The climate change chorus doesn't usually pipe up too loud with good news. Meanwhile, we are dealing with tripled to quadrupled energy costs in just the last few years. There is only so much we can cut consumption and still get the job done.

It is hard to judge longterm trends like climate ichange n a short term observation. Our last winter was very mild, but only two years ago, it was really tough by our standards. This summer was hardly hot at all, the previous one like a steam bath. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, it was nice to clean out the crisper drawer into the soup pot last night. Roasted sweet potatoes for snacking this weekend and baked apples for dessert rounded out our menu for getting back into the routine here.

Rained most of last night, and still cloudy and drippy outside. Nice change from the eighties and some nineties these past couple of weeks. We even needed heat overnight on our little trip.

Happy fall, Y'all!
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