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Couple of good ideas

Our Declutter 365 Challenge is still going strong.  I have gotten scads of de-junking done at both house, and in my office the difference is really noticeable. 


This month, we are spending a lot of time of ending paper clutter.  I don't have a huge problem with that, but there are two things I do want to do this weekend, from the tasks this week:

  1. Make an emergency contacts list
  2. Make a contact list (I am going to print these from DROID, using that PrinterShare app I downloaded last week
  3. Make a wallet inventory, in case it's lost or stolen. 

It has been suggested that a simple way to do your wallet contents is to lay the ID and whatever cards (insurance, credit, debit, etc.) down face first in the printer bed, and make a copy.  Then, turn them over and copy the backside, since that is where most of the contact info "in case card is lost or stolen" is found.


I will be doing this, then hole-punching the sheets, to bind into my management notebook.  Ditto for the printouts of contacts andemergency contacts.   Will do one of the latter contact sheet and laminate it, for by the phones. 


Just a good few things to do, now that taxes are past, and the ways we want to organize our lives to be more efficient are fresh in mind.  Some of us have grandkids old enough to teach to use the phone for calling in emergencies.   



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