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Re: DIY or hire you a pro?

Just as we have gotten to the apparent end of remodeling (I am cleaning floors behind tracking-in at our final rental this morning), it seems that everywhere we turn, things are breaking down. It is my theory that this is the Universe saying we can have only X dollars in the bank, and no more.

Yesterday, Mike drove separately in my Mazda, so we can drop it at a dealership to figure out hat it will cost to darken that " check engine" light on the display. Local mechanic is scared to do much beyond an oil change there...always says, " Trade it in!"

Both my icemaker in the refrigerator and the icemaking machine we use for farm coolers have gotten balky or quit entirely,
respectively, just on time for warmer weather. Lowe's repair set an appointment ten days out, so meanwhile, I called a local repairman, who told me to go ahead and replace the machine, since it is nine years old, and isn't cooling at all anymore.

The irrigation unit that runs our reels for lagoon management is misfiring, so new injectors are on the way this coming week. The dealers kill you with this stuff, because they know your farm has to have it to stay in business. Dirty diesel is to blame....

Daughter's dually 450 diesel broke down coming from a horse show last weekend, and thankfully, I don't get THAT bill.... Some valve malfunctioned, and dumped water and antifreeze into the engine.

I am just hoping that the AC system works in NC, when we turn it on to stay...small run last week seemed fine. If the pool pump and sanitizer are right, since all of that was new last year, we may make it from spring to summer. All the baling equipment got across the first small cutting of haylage, so good there.

Mike and SIL finished an expensive repair pass on all 12 hog houses. During he winter, so maybe that will keep our grade up for a while...that 98 was bugging me to no end.

Got to make myself go do that whole houseful of floors now...have to plant 12 pots in the yard here first, to get them in for rain later this morning. It would be so nice to sit here and watch CBS Sunday instead of rushing out. Note to self: Next time, hire the housekeeper.
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