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DOT number?

In its infinite wisdom, the federal DOT requires a registration and display of a DOT number that neither of the two states we pull trailers in requires.  Have just spent the better part of an hour filling out online forms. 


Crimony!  What else will they think of, to waste our time?  I you haul over 10,000 pounds over a state line, you need one, too!


Meanwhile, Mike's truck trouble was only batteries, thank heavens.  I climber into the Jetta yesterday, to find tire pressure light on, due to cold nights.  Had to turn around, go back and top off tires. 


That was not too bad for fixits this week so far, and Mke got the part that broke on his tractor as he was kicking the last bale on Sunday.  Just a clutch cable.  Not too bad, either. 


Now, we are waiting for DOT stickers to haul bales with...not!  I will take my chances for a few more days.  The kids are hauling to customers almost every day this week.  We will take over the big trailer this weekend, to finish moving hay form my place to Mike's. 


If nothing goes wrong, I actually have a day "off" tomorrow, to piddle in the greenhouse, clean a bit at Jenna's, and maybe weed the flowerbeds.  Loving the trees turning and the sky is so blue. 


Hope it feels like fall to you, too. 



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Re: DOT number?

Yes, it is fall  here. Killing frost over the week-end ended alot of the mowing in addition to the terrible dry weather. We really need rain. The dust from the field work and gravel roads it terrible. The clear blue skies are lovely.

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Re: DOT number?

I had 30 minutes yesterday  so got out the lawnmower to mow around the hog buildings.   Talk about DUST!  Wow,  it was terrible.   Glad we got .15 last evening. 

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Re: DOT number?

D O T  numbers have been around for decades -  10 K +  loads have accelerated the enforcement and your insurance provider's lobbyist just might be a hint of how this just appeared - LIABILITY ---

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Re: DOT number?

Oh yes, and now you will get more mail.  The MCS-150 requires a biennial update.  It's a simple form to fill out, just one more thing to remember to do.  And, there are multiple companies that will gladly email or send you letters reminding you and offering to do it for a fee.


Kind of like in our state there's a biennial form & tax due on corporations & LLC's called the "Domestic Corporation Occupation Tax".  The amount is dependent on the number of shares outstanding.  The form is easy to fill out and can be done online.  In our case the tax is only $29; however yesterday we got a letter from some company offering to file the form for us for $125.  


Same way with the labor posters.  They can be ordered for free from the local Dept. of Labor, but there are a lot of places that send a form offering to sell them, or laminated versions, or provide the service to make sure you always have the updated version.


It's just hard to separate the legitimate from the sales pitch.  



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