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Daddy brag time

For those who do not know, we adopted two little girls. The younger one, is physically 'small', she turned 4 last month, and is half a head shorter than any other kid in her preschool class, but she makes it up in brain power. My wife had an old iPad 1 she used to use for work, that kind of got handed down to myself and the girls when she didn't need it any more. We got a few educational game apps, and let the girls try it (with proper supervision). Anyway, one of the apps, is a blank map of the US, just the outline of it. A random State pops up on the screen, and you have to touch the map, where it belongs, with a ver small margin of error. For reference, I usually get about half, before I get my 3 'strikes' to game over (those New England States are small, and awfully close together). Anyway, my 4 year old wanted to try. She started out knowing only where Texas, California, and Nebraska were. Whenever you got one wrong, it would show you where it belonged, so before long, she was getting 4, 5, 7, and more. In about 20 minutes, she had gotten all 50. I have gotten all 50 only once, and she has done it half a dozen times already. I always thought she was smart, but that just blew my mind. We were Thinking she might be smart enough for a LeapPad, and now we are sure of it. Grandpa gave us $100 for each of the girls, to get them something 'nice', and now I know what it will be. FWIW, one show both girls will drop everything to watch on TV, is 'How It's Made'. My wife just rolls her eyes, looking at the three of us, on the sofa, watching how they put gears in a transmission, or make ratchets & bolts, or how they get the lead in a pencil. I say it beats what most other kids would be watching.
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