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Decluttering again....

Just stood in my office, and threw away some stuff I had been clinging to for "I will fix this and use it someday" reasons.  If I haven't by now, it ain't happening. 


Mike's in the garage, getting the bikes that are here ready to go to tradein.  We have accepted teh offer of th e dealer I talked to yesterday, and have a new red MUle getting accessorized for a swap. when this weather breaks and we can haul them.


The path to the house in VA is breaking in very badly, wioth more inclement weather due today.  He spent the morning, putting out gravel withthe frontend loader on the new tractor, which was a mixed blessing, as its weight was cutting even deeper ruts.  Meanwhile, we have put two loads of rock in this one Tuesday, and will need more come real spring. 


I think when you add it all up, we have spent as much on rock for gravel paths as most people spend on a decent house.  It is mostly down to maintenanace now, but building a two-mile farm road is a bear. 


Have the laptop ready to start downloading waste record forms.  I somehow think this is going to be "my" job from now on. 


Got to get busy on hired man's written worklist, as requested by daughter.  MORE fun.  MIke started yesterday with, "He has to take a funeral trip out of state for three days, so I am just going to forget the one with daughter this week."  My answer was, "Why do I even bother to try to help you two?" 


They are both "all or nothing" brains.  If one of them deosnt' get their whole way, they want to have a fit, and I am fed up with it.  Oh, no.  The form from this week is checked off on FRIDAY, you said so.  The one for next week is written on FRIDAY. 


The absolute WRONG this to do is do one and then let the system slide. 


See why I am so calm everyday?



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Re: Decluttering again....

Sounds like Mike and your daughter may be very much alike.   Perhaps they will get onto the system and work thru this.   


Our bikes went last summer..   DH decided that he wasn't riding enough to keep up on maintenance and they do have to be ridden, gas goes bad, rubber gets hard, etc.   

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Re: Decluttering again....

I am really not sorry to see them go, except it makes me feel that I am "thinking old"! No more licenses and renewals of insurance. 


Next on the list for consideration is the toyhauler/RV cargo trailer.  I know the Mule would fit inside, and it is the great basis for a "tiny house." 


People with tiny house plans would go crazy for it...I have books of those.  Have ideas about putting it onto my farms, maybe as a rental for hunters or people who want to try on tinyhouse living for size.  If I thought I would get anything much for it, it could go now. 



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