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Dejunking Day!!

Mike has been helping me off and on most of the day, moving junk that we had allowed to accumulate in the back woodstove kitchen room out to proper storage. The new ice-maker is due to arrive out there tomorrow. They evidently only make themonce ina blue moon at the factory, so it has been almost a month's wait.

He has sorted through boxes of fasteners to stash in his garage, moved boxes of plumbing and electrical parts that had been left sitting from the kitchen remodel. Even the birdcage has made its migration to the screened-in porch, now that nights are warm enough for the creature's comfort.

He and the hired man loaded some flagstone and other stuff into my truck, to carry to Jenna's for the backhaul of bringing a load of metal to the recycler here. He even got the state inspection on that truck done yesterday. He's gone to help daughter and SIL with putting new flooring in a stock trailer they recently bought...hoping to get SIL to help put the pedestals under my washer and dryer tomorrow,along with helping to hook up the ice-maker.

I have been cleaning all day long, hoping from one spot to the other. This is not the regular weeKly dust and vac...this is the getting the crud out from under appliances. Many dust bunnies have been sacrificed.

One more area to attack...the stuff on the steps, which is my job. I am thinking of starting on throwing out boxes from the upstairs closet, mostly saved from small electrical things like coffee makers and other stuff now long out of warranty. That will be a good burn pile for the boiler.

Why is it that making one place nicer creates a problem somewhere else? This is what I think deters me from dejunking a spot sooner. Ho do you avoid this phenomenon? I am throwing away as fast as I can....
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