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Diet Update at 3 Months

Well, three months has passed since i set out to change my lifestyle enough to avoide cholesterol medication.

I am still down 19 pounds, although I bob around by 1-2 pounds weekly. We are still low fat or fat free everything. We still eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and oatmeal for breakfast. No problems there. The garden is producing which is great.i am sticking with the limited red meat rule and that is okay. I still will allow myself beef or pork on weekendsbut find that i just dont desire it that much. I have found some great turkey burgers that i lve, still eat lots of salmon, and chicken. Found turkey bacon that even Ed will eat.

Some problems finding healthy choices when we travel and eat out. The best place for breakfast or lunch that is healthy and fast is Bob Evans. I never ate fast food but will have a veggie delight at Subway if i am really in a pinch.

The higher end restaurants are not a problem as i can order salmon and veggies.

I still pack my lunch which only contains fruits, veggies and greek yogurt, changed up with peanut butter on whole wheat wraps.

The best part is that I no lnger have muscle and joint pain. I have more energy. The worst part is i hate to exercise and use my busy schedule to avoid walking/running daily as i know i should.

I still use the app "Calorie Counter" to teack everything i consume, even on weekends when i dont limit myself. That really helps me to see the difference between healthy eating and not.

Hanging in there. Actually excited to go home to NY next week to see old friends!
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Re: Diet Update at 3 Months

Good for you!

The 'greener' the veggies, and the leafier, the better.  My wife works in the health/supplement industry, and they have been finding out most of the soreness in muscles, and at least some of the problem in joints is too much acidity.  The lactic acid in muscles is what causes the soreness/pain, and much of what causes joint pain can be reduced by cutting back the acid.

The BEST thing you can do for that, is green veggies, and lots of them.  Suppliments are available, but diet changes are the best, for most people.

If you have hit a weight loss plateau, so to speak, here are a couple tips I absorbed from listening to her.

Milk or cheese is good, first thing in the morning, as the whey in milk gets your metabolism going.  You don't need a lot, just a small glass, or so.

The 'greener' and leafier the veggies, the better it will help with the sore muscles/joints.   If you eat at subway, get some spinach, or even sub spinach for lettuce for more effect.  The one exception to this rule seems to be tomatoes.  They are one of the better 'non green' veggie.

If you are wanting to lose more weight, smaller meals, with small snacks in between will help keep calorie counts down, and fight hunger.  Things low in fat, and high in protien are the best.  Jerkey and cheese are good choices, as they are 'filling' in small amounts.  Do not try to eliminate meat, but cut portions down to 2-4 ounces, or maybe a little more if you are 'active'.


Good luck with it all, and I hope you all realize I'm just trying to pass on a few pointers as I learn them, not 'nag' anyone or anything, LOL.

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Re: Diet Update at 3 Months

Good job!!  I was going to suggest that on your Ia. trip we change to midweek & lunch; however, since you only eat yogurt & veggies I think I'll pass!!  LOLSmiley Very Happy


Just kidding.  You are an inspiration & I need to get on the program of healthy eating & exercise.

My weight I've gained has been causing my legs to ache by night.  At least that's what I blame it on.  Plus the exercise actually is supposed to help.


The dairy industry has done a study showing that chocolate milk after exercise replenishes the body more than the bottles waters. 

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Re: Diet Update at 3 Months

Congrats! It's surprising how little weight lost can bring such amazing results. Heat and humidity can make exercise difficult so be careful, especially at lunchtime.

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Re: Diet Update at 3 Months

The interesting thing about weight loss research now shows that exercise is not as significant a factor. Unless you cut intake, working out won't work for losing pounds. When you read the caloric burn for any given activity and how many calories are in a pound of body fat (3500, I believe), you can see why this is so. Exercise can reduce appetite, orat least you won't want a lot or heavy foods before and after working out, so that seems to be the best reason to sweat. Soilbabe has given us all a good prescription for fitness here. I am really proud of her for taking this bull by the horns, and wrassling it to the ground!
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