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Different place, different person?

As we sort of settle into a routine of days we spend here at Jenna's, which is quite different from the one we have in NC, I have started wondering if this is why people have getaway spots and take vacations.  


This is our first experience at the former, unless you count the brief period when we were homesteading the NC farm eighteen years ago.  Due to Mike's railroad and farming schedule when we lived here for  almost 20 years, we had only rare occasions when we got to take the kids camping.  Since taking on the huge responsibilities of the hog farm we built and are going on 19 years at now, chances to travel for a few days have been almost as dear.


With Jenna's passing and our need to deal with this place ourselves again when our son finally said he had no farming aspirations, we decided that the farm in NC is in better hands with their sister than 99% of the rest of the pigs belonging to the world's largest pork integrator.  We are a phone call and eighty minutes' drive away, if a real emergency arises.  


Maybe this place is like a mini- vacation, even though we work until we drop when we're here.  We sleep until we naturally wake up...which is usually no later than we would sleep at the working farm, but it just feels different not to have to get up to " work".  


Mike says that I am " different" here, and he is not his usual harried self, too.  He has goals in the repairs and works steadily towards them, but he isn't pushing like his beard is on fire.  We have been granted a very mild late fall, and that has helped a lot, letting us both work outdoors in comfort.  


My little to- do projects can stay out, with no safety worries for Winn, and in no danger of being molested by the Heathen.  The worst that happens here is that I can return to find a fat, sassy cat laid up on my work; but, she isn't destructive, just sociable.  


My question this morning to those of you with a getaway, and those who travel to get away is this: Do you feel like a different person when you are away from home?  Second question: Does that person feel more like your genuine self, or are you the one who is "there" when you are at home?  

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