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Dining for one?

Just opened my FB page to find a photo one woman had posted to a friend, showing what she'd be having for dinner, while her husband was away.  I clicked on it, since it was so tiny, I couldn't make out what was on the table. 

When it popped up fullscreen, I laughed out loud...a bottle of wine and a box of Raisinets!  I can relate....

Do not often eat without Mike present, but it made me think about my ideal "alone meal."  What's yours?

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Re: Dining for one?

We haave the Schwans man stop here once a month, I always get one or two of the meal kits, the kind you just dump in a pan and let it all melt and cook together, enough for 4 with some sides, but I do admit I will almost eat one by myself when alone lol.  ( that's usally at noon time)  with kids still at home not many  evening meals if any do I have alone.


My idea of a good alone meal wood be a good salad!  with lettuce, walnuts, beans, steak pieces, eggs, red onion...yum I could eat that every day!!!



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Re: Dining for one?

I often have enough leftovers to pull together or like Sundae I have a big salad that I can take more time to embelish.  I like Schwans also & keep a couple lunch plate dinners on hand for lunches.  Which meal kits do you like Sundae?

When DH is gone, not often, DS & I have stir fry since he doesn't like it.  I like to use their smaller chicken breasts on hand for salads, etc.  Mmmm, what am I having for lunch today?

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