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Do you have a peaceful time and place?

I posted to this problem down below.  I have been formally studying meditation and mindfulness for the past couple of weeks, as a tool to help recover my health, and, let's be honest, after last year, my sanity. 


This was the first and most urgent need I picked out of the Great Courses catalog this winter.  I will study the American Civil War next, and a quick course on healthy cooking.  Coming out of the South, and learning a lot of the same stuff Paula Deen used in the kitchen to get her diabetes, that last one has got to be a good thing. 


The lecturer is very good and I enjoy the supporting text quite a bit.  They go together well, but there is enough extra in the lecture to make it seem familiar, not redundant. 


I've gotten through the first disc of the 4-volume set, and am up to the point where I need to begin "sitting practice".  No, that is not a silly way of saying lying around all day.  It means the practice of mediation in a sitting posture.  My zabuton is here, and the gomden is arriving tomorrow.  Google those! 


My issue is this:  I have a spot easily selected at Jenna's house for cooler days, in the sunroom.  In warmer weather, the front porch.  I have a good timeframe, since Mike goes out after breakfast and comes in for lunch, so all morning is open for things of this nature.  He goes out again after lunch, and returns about four, for a scone and shot of espresso. 


I study, read, write, and sew, and now, I will meditate.  Peaceful and quiet. 


My problem is this place.  I honest to Heaven feel that my hair is on fire half the time here, and the other half, I am just waiting for someone to strike another match. 


Mike says he feels the same way here...the pressure is just too much.  We manage things well, I think, but it is just that busy and demanding a place. 


. I have my mornings with Winn, which are precious to me, so would look to afternoons.  Some days, like today, the livehaul trucks are late, so his stay here is stretched over up to eight hours;thus, late afternoons ar better than early ones.  That can run into riding lesson time.


I almost think nighttimes will be my only reliable window, and I know I will gravitate to my chair, my good book, my iPad and TV with Mike.  Meditating on a full stomach isn't recommended, either.   Picking a time is just not as easy to do here, nor is finding a peaceful spot. 


Do I just forgo sleep, and get up an extra hour early?  I already did this about a month ago, to make Winn's days more organized, and de-stress things a bit for our daughter.  Don't want to meet myself in the hallway, on my way to bed, when I am getting up. 


As for place, I am considering the upstairs room that was Jenna's when she was here.  If I hide up there, no one will just stumble in and over top of me while I try to focus my mind. 


I guess I hadn't realized, until trying to find 30-45 uninterrupted minutes, and a quiet place to pass them away, that we have virtually no peace here at our home. 


How about you?  Is your home your sanctuary, or are you driven to distraction there? 



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