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Do you have kin like this?

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Mike went MIA on me for a while today. We were doing some details at the " studio", pulling weeds and checking on the drip irrigation repairs ( timer had quit and he had chopped a couple of tapes with my very sharp weeding hoe). He stepped out of the studio house to put away the window screen repair tools and supplies, saying he'd be right back, then disappeared.

I went about hanging the pull towel dispenser in the " wet" room of the glass shop, then picked up behind my helper's last few chores...still no Mike. Went to front and back doors to scan around and call out...still not about.

I decided to go looking for him, and found him sitting in Jenna's kitchen, finishing a cell phone call from his cousin. Gary is an interesting guy...I had actually dated him a bit before getting with Mike. Let's just say I married the right cousin.

He was calling because he had bought a travel trailer, an old truck too lightweight to haul it, and had bad luck on I-95 in Labor Day traffic on Friday. Had " forgotten" to add the trailer to his AAA coverage. Wanted us to stop by " on our way to Virginia" and haul his piece of junk trailer an hour past our place to his.

Of course Mike said we'd stop by the station where they'd been towed, and see what hookups it takes. Nothing we have got, and the height of our hitch would tip the trailer so its tail end would drag. Hoping his truck can be revived, and they can limp home.

It's not that we mind helping him, but he's always " half-assed it" through life. He's college educated, but works harder at not working than he would if he worked. He once made a very derogatory comment about being too good to work a " blue collar job". Well, that kind of work has always supported our family, and never shamed me.

We hear from him maybe once a decade. Last time was when they'd chucked it all ( they have done this numerous times), and moved to Mexico, also with a decrepit truck and camper. He was calling us to say he had sent some health elixir that he was heading down there to " claim the ex-pat territory"... basically get rich in a pyramid scheme.

We were supposed to be his first suckers, and bankroll his escapades. I told Mike to tell him the samples nearly killed me.

They broke down along the way, through country where Americans were being warned not to travel at the time. That business plan was another flash in the pan, and they came back and set up shop ( a tiny jewelry store) again. I drove there a few months ago, to get a piece of silver jewelry was a real hole in the wall, and they had a " va-cay" sign on the locked door.

Not that I mind helping in a real emergency, but their whole life has been one long emergency. He told his brother and SIL, while Mike was listening, at MIL's 100th party a month ago, that Obamacare was subsidizing all but $20 a month of over $900 in health premiums. How broke do you have to be to get that, but you can afford an RV, extra vehicle, and an extended weekend trip?

How do two men grow up in the same family, two miles apart, and end up so different?
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