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Does the heat

...make your turn your schedule around at all?

Mike's been getting up and out earlier during these extremely hot days. He told me yesterday afternoon that he's decided not to haul,with the honey wagon for the time being...had been moving a lot of manure to outlying fields,,,but, it is just too punishing at 110 or more on the heat index.

I decided to leave about four yesterday afternoon, as it had clouded up and cooled off quite a bit, rather than moving around in the middle of the day today. I was still enjoying daylight, and it was twenty degrees cooler by the time I got home, due to some showers that had blown through.

I don't think I would go to run errands at night, since that isn't really safe in big parking lots anymore; however, it made my trip a lot more pleasant, and sort of bought me a free day to stay home and get stuff done today.

We are using the fringe hours of daylight - earlier and later - to stay put of the heat of the day. Taking the dog's lead, and sacking out on the porch when the sun is high.

Does your family alter its schedule to try to escape the heat?
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Re: Does the heat

We are up early and back in by noon for lunch and either a nap or reading, then out again about 5:30 (when it is still 100) for the evening.  I'm not too excited about doing much...tired of it being so hot.  This mornng it was nice out!!  Pray for rain people the SW desperately needs it!!

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