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Dr. Sheldon Cooper & closure....

I know at least one of you is also a fan of " Big Bang Theory". Anyone who watched this week would have laughed out loud at Sheldon's struggle with his girlfriend's efforts to re-program his brain to deal with a lack of closure.

If you haven't seen it yet, I won't spoil it by describing it to you...actually, it has to be seen to be appreciated. Brilliant comedy writing. I found myself anticipating the visual punch line with each mental exercise Amy devised to thwart Sheldon's satisfaction. It was a classic.

Made me ponder this morning: People talk a lot about achieving closure, especially when something very negative has happened. Victims of crime used to say they wanted " justice"; but, now, you will more likely hear them say they want " closure". When a relationship ends, at least one person mentions it, and instead of solving a problem, people say they want closure with it.

I am not sure precisely what closure means to different people. To me, it probably means that every stone has been turned, in an effort to leave no loose ends in a situation. It bears a sense of finality. I think of it as settling something once and for all. It is an emotional state, I think.

Do you seek closure in situations, or leave things hanging? Is there a situation dangling over you that you would like to settle, so you can emotionally move on?
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Re: Dr. Sheldon Cooper & closure....

Before I can put something behind me,closure, I have to think about it and rethink it until I have it sorted out in my mind as to the cause and effect. I am not sure that is good but once that is done I can really put it away.

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Re: Dr. Sheldon Cooper & closure....

I LOVE the Big Bang Theory so thank you for not spoiling it for me yet!  We DVR'd it last night so Todd could watch the NFL draft.  I am one who likes closure I guess.  I don't worry things to death but I like to find out a reason for why something happened in my life and my reaction to it and why so I can grow from it.  For me closure is dealing with it and solving whatever issues there were and moving on and forgetting about it.  A lot of times I use the Hakuna Matta method of it's in the past forget about it but there are somethings you just can't do that with.

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