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Dreading or doing?

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Which is worse?

That last shed that had been hanging over my feeling of being " done", for over a year now, has been straightened up and trash tossed from it at long last. I had really thought it would take several hours to finish, but three of us got it knocked out in roughly an hour this morning.

I know I have wasted more hours than that, just worrying about when it would finally get done. When I hopped into the car to run to the bank this afternoon, just catching the neater place out of the corner of my eye made me feel so much better. Didn't realize how much it was bugging me, until it stopped.

Now, on to clearing some clutter in my office tomorrow...Winn's got a day at the amusement psrk on tap, so Ma is off-duty. I hope to feel as good about that, as I do about the help this time, though! Not feelng dread now...more like anticipation. Hope I feel as positive in 24 hours.

Do you find yourself dreading doing robs you of more energy than actually doing the dreaded deed?
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