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Re: Duh, Why was I not thinking?

I always wear Clarks for dress shoes.  Have never found anything better.  I look at some gals/kids wearing those flat flip flops and just cringe in pain.  No way could I do that.  Feel like some old lady that should only wear huge ortho shoes but honestly, there isn't an inch of support in those things.  What a rip off the manufacturers are.


Wondered why I was getting sore spots on my heels and inspected my walking shoes this a.m. and there are worn spots on both the insides of the heels in front of those tabs to pull your shoes on with.  No wonder!  Have to wear a good bandage on my heels right now until I find new ones.  May try going to a good athletic shoe store to try some of the brands mentioned here.  My son & DIL have found one they like (?) at an outdoor store.  May look there if I can make time for the trip.