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Re: Duh, Why was I not thinking?

I know what you mean.  The beautician at the next chair last time I was there wore a pair of blingy flip flops complete with that toe thong that I also cannot stand.  She is a large gal and I can see problems from every angle.  And some of them wear heels! 


That said, when I went to Chicago for dr. appt.  I was remembering when I used to go with a group of gals (w/chaperone-high school) to dance convention in downtown Chicago.  Danced all day, alternating from ballet, jazz and high heel tap shoes a la Rockettes.  Then would shower and dress (pretty fancy) and walk for blocks in high heels to restaurant and back.  I looked at that hotel & the trek we made and my eyes rolled back in my head!  LOL  No longer wear much of a heel and NEVER any of those 3" ones.  Gave mine away years ago!