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Duh, Why was I not thinking?

The past 3 weeks I've had a lot of pain in my legs, knees and ankles.   I though it was from climbing the stairs and using step ladders.   At times the pain would be a sharp stabbing pain.   I was falling asleep at night with cold/ice packs on the back of my knee.   Well, it finally hit me.   I'd been wearing Skeetchers  Go walk slip ons.   I'd bought them about a month ago.  The were fairly comfortable,  slipped on easy when in the house, memory foam,    I bought a pair of light teal and navy blue ones.    

I ran around the house looking for my arch supports.   It has taken a week of wearing the arch supports and I'm not perfect  but  today was the best my legs and knees have felt in weeks.   After supper I went out and worked in my flowers.     And I powerwashed  for 2 hours today too.    Lesson learned  wear those  arch supports in all shoes.  They only cost like $5 for a pair.     I was just about ready to go get x-rays thinking my knees were going again. 

So glad a simple thing could make me feel so much better.  

Plus,  I found my Jr. High and High school scrapbook today.   Scanned some pics to share with my HS friends by e-mail.   Life is good.